Contest Rules

*Last updated: 11/24/2020*

Participant Requirements


  • All members must meet their organization's rules for virtual activities

  • Chapters can be either collegiate OR alumni 

  • All individuals must be in good standing both with their institutions (collegiate) and fraternity/sorority

  • Must have minimum of 2 participants in video

  • All participants MUST be registered voters

  • Submission should not exceed 3 minutes

  • Disrespect of other organizations, chapters, respective leaders or members will not be accepted. Also, no disrespect of any political candidates or parties will be accepted. Any submissions that do so, will be immediately disqualified.

  • All participants MUST wear masks and/or practice safe social distancing procedures.

*Please adhere to your organization’s specific guidelines regarding COVID-19. As an organization, we prioritize participant’s safety and well-being. That said, we want to emphasize that if the decision is made to have an in-person gathering(s) to create and/or record a submissions, all present must wear masks and/or a face covering and practice social distancing. Another option is to create a video compilation. An example is available for VIEW HERE*



Submission Requirements

Each participating Chapter must submit their video to 

Competitor submissions must consist of a video where team members participate in our VIRTUAL CHALLENGE and provide a brief statement, in their own creative way, that addresses one or more of the following topics:         

     ● Why it is important to vote in this 2020 Presidential Election         

     ● Educational tips about voting or the general election process             

   o Have a voting plan               

   o Vote early               

   o Know your voter registration status         

     ● Voter suppression, and how it can affect individuals and communities

     ●The power of unifying as a council


Voting Process

Stage One - The top 10 chapters from each organization (totaling 90 videos) will  be chosen by SIS and featured on the SIS Stroll to the Polls social media accounts and official contestant voting page. The SIS Stroll to the Polls committee will select finalists based on a number of factors, including video quality, social media engagement, and adherence to competition rules. Video submissions will be accepted up until November 10th.

Stage Two  - Virtual polls are open online on SIS’s official Stroll to the Polls Contestant  page (for each individual organization) where the public can vote for their favorite chapter and strolls. The finalists that will move into the final round will be selected by the number of votes accumulated up until November 11th. 

  • On November 5th, SIS will release an update regarding the current top collegiate and alumni chapters from the D9 Sororities and Fraternities that are in the lead; however, the competition is not yet over! This is a push to get chapters to continue to gather votes until November 11rd.

Stage Three  : Celebrity panel will rank the top 3 winners from each of the 4 categories (collegiate and alumni, sororities and fraternities).


All participants will be divided into one of four categories (Collegiate Sororities, Collegiate Fraternities, Alumni Sororities, Alumni Fraternities) and three finalists will be selected from each category.

All participants are winners because this event and drive to the election polls will benefit our country and our democracy. However, the top 12 finalists selected as winners by the Celebrity Panelist will receive: