ABOUT | Stepping Into Service

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Stepping Into Service is an organization whose initiatives focus on empowering historically black colleges and universities (HBCU's), black greek organizations, black communities and their respective community members. Through special projects centered on scholarship, activation and increasing political & cultural awareness, SIS aims to uplift future leaders by offering financial, educational, and employment opportunities to black collegiate across the country!

MISSION | Stroll to the Polls Initiative

Stroll to the Polls is a virtual Greek stroll competition designed to encourage recurrent and new voters to play an active role in our democracy and, more immediately, the 2020 presidential election. Competitor submissions must consist of a video where team members participate in our virtual challenge and provide a brief statement, in their own creative way, that addresses one or more of the following topics:
          ● Why it is important to vote in this 2020 presidential election
          ● Educational tips about voting or the general election process
               o Have a voting plan
               o Vote early
               o Know your voter registration status
          ● The power of unifying as a council
          ● Voter suppression, and how it can affect individuals and communities

We are challenging every member of the Divine Nine to bring along, at least, 9 voters with them to the polls. As such, one of our leading hashtags for this initiative is #DivineNineBringNine. This is a friendly competition, with the goal of encouraging your peers and audience to be prepared to vote on or before Election Day, November 3rd . Therefore, please consider the deadlines, rules, and mission. One voice may reach a few, but together we can reach thousands. We believe this virtual event will encourage many-- Greeks and non-Greeks, Black or other, young or old-- to vote.